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ACRSN Clusters

ACRSN consists of clusters each covering a specific topic. Currently the following clusters are active: 

The Gendering Asia Network
The Gendering Asia Network provides a forum for exchange of knowledge and contacts among scholars and students working on gender and Asia. The Network aims to strengthen research and teaching on gender and Asia in the Nordic countries by facilitating contacts both internally among Nordic scholars and students, and also externally between academia in the Nordic countries and our counterparts in Asia and elsewhere in the world.

More information:

Asian Dynamics
The fastest growing centres for science and technology are located in Asia, where spectacular developments have taken place during the past ten years. The aim of the cluster is to explore the new Asian Dynamics in science, technology and innovation.

The cluster is working of the research programme application: 'Global Shifts? - Dynamic regions, hub-cities, and Asia’s new drive for high technology and science-based innovation'.

More information: Jørgen Delman, Director, NIAS:

Asian Studies
Fascinating and challenging debates over the development perspectives in Asian studies are raging through out the Asian studies environment. While the political, economic and cultural balance in the world is shifting towards Asia, debates on how to deal with this in academia lingers on. It focuses on how to legitimize and develop a field of study that often lacks a strong disciplinary basis, common theoretical frameworks, and has countries and regions as the only point of reference.

Asian Creativity
Asian societies today are characterized by change not only in social and economic areas but also in culture and the ways in which culture is produced and received. The concept of creativity is central to the dynamics of all these changes. Thus creativity is a key factor in artistic and related activities (film, literature, art, music, architecture, design) as well as in a wider range of social interactions, where existing norms, values and ways of doing things are being challenged. Hence, the concept of creativity constitutes the pivot of the cluster. The overall aim is to study Asian Creativity in the particular fields, spheres or areas, where it unfolds.

More information:

Asian Security
As a region Asia is home to conflicts that are of local as well as global character. Due to Asia’s growing importance these conflicts and the understanding of Asian Security is important to study. Among other things one aim of the cluster is to explore how political, strategic and cultural contexts can be understood as conditioning conflict behavior in Asia.

More information: Timo Kivimäki,

South Asia Research Training (SARTrain)
SARTrain - research training on South Asia

The cluster is currently setting up a three year summer school under the auspices og the Nordic Summer University.

More information: Peter B Andersen,  


For general information about ACRSN and the cluster splease contact:

Katrine Herold
Direct: +45 35 32 95 04
Mobile: +45 30 24 99 59

NIAS - Nordic Institute of Asian Studies